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Firework Safety This Fourth of July in Maryland

When you think of the 4th of July, you likely think of barbecues, sparklers, and of course, fireworks. This weekend, many people will light fireworks to celebrate the holiday. While this may seem like some innocent fun, it can be incredibly dangerous. If you intend to light fireworks or attend an event where fireworks are […]
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What if I am Injured in a Car Accident in Maryland?

The majority of car accidents are due to driver negligence. If you were injured in a car accident caused by another party’s negligence, you may deserve compensation. This is because an accident can result in burdens such as lost wages, expensive hospital bills, pain and suffering, and more. However, in order to recover the compensation […]
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Electrocution Accidents in Maryland | What You Need to Know

Unfortunately, electrocution accidents can occur anywhere, at any time. For example, plugging your phone into an unsafe outlet or accidentally touching an exposed wire can lead to life-threatening injuries. Read on to learn more about electrocution accidents in Maryland and what to do if an injury occurs. How do electrocution accidents occur? Electrocution accidents commonly […]
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