Why Should I Refrain from Posting on Social Media After an Accident?

There are a number of reasons why posting on social media while in the midst of a personal injury claim is not the best idea. Continue reading and reach out to our skilled personal injury attorneys in Baltimore County to learn more.

Why should I avoid social media posting after being injured in an accident?

If you were injured in an accident because of another party’s negligence, you may be left with medical expenses, lost wages, pain and suffering, and more. Because of this, you may be permitted to recover compensation. However, it is important to recognize that the negligent party’s attorney and insurance company are simultaneously trying to supply you with the least amount of compensation. In order to establish that you are not as injured as you assert, they may turn to your social media to obtain more information.

What are the dos and don’ts of social media after an accident?


  • Switch all of your accounts to private: You should set all of your social media accounts to private as soon as an accident happens.
  • Avoid posting: You never know how a post can be used against you. Unfortunately, it is best to avoid posting on social media entirely.
  • Ask your friends and family to avoid posting about you on their accounts: While your accounts will be under scrutiny, posts from your friends and family may be looked at as well. If a friend posts about spending the day with you, or posts a photo of you engaging in an activity, insurance adjusters may use this to claim that your injuries are not as intense as they are.


  • Accept new followers: A new follower may be an insurance adjuster or attorney trying to access your profile.
  • Assume you can post if your account is private: Just because your account is private does not mean it cannot be attained by an attorney. Items we post on the internet are permanent, even deleted content can come back to hurt you.
  • Discuss the accident: Posting your interpretation of events can cause a lot of harm. For instance, your words may be used against you to make it seem like the accident was your fault.

If you have been hurt as a result of another party’s negligence, you will likely be permitted to recover compensation. Give our firm a call today to discuss your case with an skilled and dedicated personal injury attorney. We will support you no matter what you are facing.


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