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Generally, elderly drivers are far less risky when it comes to their driving behavior. They are more likely to follow the speed limit, not break traffic laws, and drive more responsibly when they are on the road. However, despite their responsible driving habits, motor vehicle accidents caused by elderly drivers are still far more common compared to many other age groups. While young adults and middle-aged drivers are not necessarily safer drivers, they are still responsible for substantially fewer car accidents in comparison to elderly drivers. It should also be noted that just like any other incident that results in injuries, auto accidents caused by elderly drivers may warrant a personal injury claim. If you were recently the victim of an accident due to the negligence of an elderly driver, get in touch with the personal injury attorneys in Baltimore County from The Law Offices of Markey & Orsi to learn more about your case.

Why do elderly drivers cause more accidents than other age demographics?

While elderly drivers may typically adopt safer driving habits compared to other age demographics, that does not make them more physically or mentally fit when it comes to operating a motor vehicle. Unfortunately, as people get older, their physical and mental health begins to decline, which can adversely affect their ability to get behind the wheel of any vehicle. Deteriorating eyesight, loss of hearing, heart issues, and cognitive decline can make many senior drivers hazardous to other motorists. They may even have their ability to drive restricted by law. This can mean they are required to wear glasses, or a hearing aid before getting on the road. Although, some limitations may be harsher than others, in which they could possibly not be allowed to drive at night, or have to have special equipment installed in their vehicle.

Due to the types of health issues that come with old age, elderly drivers can cause all sorts of accidents. This can include collisions due to them driving too slow or too fast, making unexpected lane changes, not stopping their vehicle properly, and a general lack of awareness of their surroundings. Much like any other car accident, if an elderly driver is responsible for a crash that resulted in injuries to another motorist, they can be susceptible to a personal injury lawsuit. The amount of compensation they can end up paying can be dependent on the extent of the injuries, as well as how much they have had an impact on the victim’s quality of life. Because personal injury claims can be a long and complicated process, it is highly advised to seek strong legal counsel that can successfully handle such cases.

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