How Do Student Driving Accidents Occur?

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It can be stressful to be a student driver to share the Maryland roads with more skilled drivers. And unfortunately, student drivers sometimes get involved in accidents during their first experience. Follow along to find out how student driving accidents occur and how student driving accidents occur and how one of the proficient Baltimore County car accident attorneys at the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi can help you in this situation.

How might a student driving accident occur?

Like most car accidents, student driving accidents are commonly due to negligence. Examples of who might be the negligent party in your accident include the following:

  • A negligent student driver:
    • Driving without knowledge of Maryland traffic laws.
    • Driving without properly interpreting traffic signs.
    • Ignoring traffic signals.
    • Poorly timing turns and brakes.
    • Forgetting to check blind spots for neighboring vehicles.
  • A negligent driving instructor:
    • Failing to respond to an emergency due to being distracted.
    • Failure to correct mistakes to prevent a potential accident.
    • Failing to intervene to prevent a potential accident.
  • A negligent driving school:
    • Sending a student driver onto the road in a car with mechanical issues.
    • Sending a driving instructor onto the road without proper training.

If any of the above reasonings apply to your car accident, then you may be able to hold the negligent party accountable via a personal injury claim.

What should I do if I am involved in an accident with a student driver?

For your personal injury claim, you must make sure that you follow the appropriate steps so that you can fully recover your damages. Such appropriate steps read as follows:

  1. Call the police to arrive at the scene.
  2. Call for medical help to arrive at the scene.
  3. Take photos and videos of your injuries, car damages, and any hazards that may have contributed to your accident.
  4. Exchange contact information with the student driver (i.e., name, phone number, license plate number, parent’s or guardian’s insurance policy, etc).
  5. Exchange contact information with the driving instructor (i.e., name, work email address, driving school name, etc).
  6. Exchange contact information with the present witnesses (i.e., name, phone number, etc).
  7. Go to the hospital directly from the scene, and schedule follow-up appointments with your physician as directed.
  8. Collect medical documents and medical bills that outline the severity of your injuries and the costs of necessary treatments.
  9. Bring your claim forward before Maryland’s statute of limitations, which is generally three years from the date your accident occurred.

At the end of the day, you should not proceed without the guidance of a talented Baltimore County auto accident attorney. Schedule your initial consultation with us today.

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