Can I Report Sexual Abuse that Happened When I Was a Child?

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It’s no secret that children are often the victims of sex crimes. These heinous crimes can leave children with a lifetime of trauma and very few resources to help them navigate the complex issues they will face as a result. If you’re a victim of childhood sexual abuse and you’re looking to receive justice for the harm you endured, a Baltimore County sexual abuse lawyer can help fight for you. Keep reading to learn more about the statute of limitations and how to proceed with filing a case against your abuser.

What Is the Statute of Limitations on Sexual Abuse Lawsuits in Maryland?

In years past, there was a very short statute of limitations in which victims could file a lawsuit against their abusers. However, the recently passed Child Victims Act of 2023 was enacted in Maryland to help protect those who were victimized as children. Under this new law, there is no statute of limitations for civil lawsuits for child abuse claims starting in October of 2023.

Previously, there was a 2017 amendment that allowed a victim to file until they were 38. However, there were issues with the rule, as it was not retroactive. As such, many victims were unable to receive the justice they deserve.

As such, the new law helps ensure that those who endured sexual abuse as children can receive the justice they deserve. Not only does this help the victim receive justice, but it also holds the abusers responsible. Unfortunately, there are many organizations that hide the actions of their abusers. This law helps hold them responsible for the crimes they committed and covered up.

How Should I Proceed if I Want to File?

As a victim of child sex abuse, it can be challenging to proceed. Not only do lawsuits cost time and money, but they can also bring up repressed memories and past trauma. As such, it’s vital to proceed with caution. If you are going to file, enlisting the assistance of a compassionate and understanding attorney is essential. An experienced attorney will they help provide legal support, but they can help guide you through this emotional time in your life.

Once you’ve spoken to a lawyer, it’s important to gather any evidence you have about the assault. For example, if you can remember what you were wearing at the time of the attack and provide photos showing you in the outfit, it can help prove your credibility as a witness. Similarly, if there are any “gifts” or corroborating witnesses, you’ll want to ensure you inform your attorney.

At the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi, we understand that these crimes can impact victims for the rest of their lives. As such, we are dedicated to doing everything possible to help you hold your abusers responsible for the damage they inflicted upon your life. Contact us today to learn how a member of our legal team can assist you through this emotional time.

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