How Do Insurance Companies Determine Fault in a Car Accident?

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Maryland is a fault state when it comes to auto accidents. Meaning, it is difficult for victims of car accidents to recover financial compensation from their insurance companies. Read on to discover how insurance companies determine fault in a car accident and how one of the seasoned Baltimore County car accident attorneys at The Law Offices of Markey & Orsi can help you avoid fault.

How do insurance companies determine fault after a car accident?

Immediately after your car accident occurs, you must start fulfilling your duty in satisfying the burden of proof. In other words, you must collect enough evidence that shows that the accident was due to no fault of your own and was instead due to the fault of another negligent driver. Such evidence may include the following:

  • A copy of the accident report that was conducted by a law enforcement officer at the scene of your accident.
  • A copy of the surveillance camera footage or red light camera footage that shows the events of your accident.
  • Photos and videos that show the direction of movement of all the cars involved in your accident.
  • Photos and videos that show hazards that contributed to your accident.
  • Statements made by witnesses to your accident, whether it be passengers or bystanders.

Once you gather this evidence, you may present it to your insurance company so that they can determine a reasonable payout to give to you.

What should I do if I do not receive enough compensation from my insurance company?

Insurance companies are notorious for cutting corners so that they can reduce the amount of compensation they distribute. At the end of the day, insurance companies are simply businesses that are looking to meet their bottom line.

And so, not only is it important that you provide enough evidence, it is equally important to not overshare information that would accidentally place blame on yourself. Your insurance company may try to use sneaky tricks to try and get you to oppose yourself (i.e., getting you to say “the other car came out of nowhere”) or de-emphasize your injuries (i.e, getting you to say “I am feeling okay).

If you have still not received a settlement that will allow you to fully heal from your injuries and damages, then you must retain the services of a competent Baltimore County auto accident attorney. We will help you dodge lowball settlements and avoid signing paperwork that puts you at a disadvantage. From here, we will fiercely serve as your advocate to get you the financial compensation that you rightfully deserve. So pick up the phone and give our firm a call as soon as you can.

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