What Should I Know About Ejection Accidents in Maryland?

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When you are involved in a collision, there are several injuries you can endure. However, you may find that while some injuries, like broken bones or traumatic brain injuries, are common, injuries sustained in ejection accidents are among the most fatal. If you are injured in ejection accidents, understanding the compensation you can recover in Maryland is critical. The following blog explores what you must know about the subsequent injuries and why connecting with a Baltimore County auto accident attorney is critical.

What Are Ejection Accidents?

Ejection accidents occur when the passenger of a car is propelled through the windshield or window during a collision. These can be whole ejections, which occur when someone is entirely outside of the car, or partial, in which they are half outside of the vehicle. While both can be incredibly catastrophic, whole ejections do pose more risks, as the victim may be hit by a passing vehicle.

Unfortunately, many factors can impact these incidents, like the weight of the vehicles involved, the speed and force at which you are hit, and the safety features of the vehicles involved.

What Can I Do to Prevent an Accident?

Generally, the most important thing you can do to prevent an ejection collision is to wear your seatbelt. Unfortunately, many of the accidents in which someone is ejected from the vehicle are because they were not wearing the seatbelt meant to hold them in place in the event of an accident.

Additionally, you should inspect the seatbelt straps frequently to ensure they are in good condition. If you notice any wear, tears, or fraying, you should have them replaced as soon as possible. Additionally, you should check your windshield and windows for any chips or cracks that could impact the integrity of the glass, meaning you are more likely to go through.

What Should I Do if I’ve Been Injured?

If you were injured in an ejection accident, seeking immediate medical treatment for the injuries you sustained is the most important thing you can do.

Once you have received care, you’ll want to connect with an attorney to explore your legal options for these matters. It’s essential to understand that Maryland is a contributory negligence state. As such, if you are found even 1% liable for the injuries and damages you sustained, you can be barred from recovering funds. Unfortunately, if you were not wearing your seatbelt at the time of the accident, causing you to be ejected from your vehicle, this can prevent you from collecting compensation for the injuries you’ve endured.

Because you may be barred from collecting compensation based on your circumstances, connecting with an experienced attorney is critical. At the Law Offices of Marky & Orsi, our team will fight to prove you were not negligent and deserve compensation. Connect with us today to learn how we can assist you.

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