Recovering Compensation After a Parking Lot Accident in Maryland

No matter where we live, we all find ourselves in parking lots nearly every single day. Though we rarely consider the potential danger we face, the truth of the matter is that parking lots are potentially very dangerous places, and parking lot accidents occur nearly every single day.

How do you know if you are entitled to compensation following a parking lot accident?

The general rule of thumb to qualify for compensation following one of these accidents is whether or not the owner of the parking lot neglected to ensure the lot was safe for public use. If you believe you were injured due to the owner’s negligence, then it is important you read on to learn about and consider all your options before taking action.

What do you do after a parking lot accident?

The first thing you should always do after an incident like this occurs is to file a police report. This will drastically help your insurance claim, and it is best to take this action immediately after such an incident occurs. You should also immediately receive medical attention. The first reason for this is because you might not notice all of your injuries at the moment of impact, and some may take a bit longer to set in than others. It is important to document all the injuries you have sustained in the event of a parking lot accident, as it helps support your injury claim. Lastly, you should be sure to document all possible evidence. For example, if you slip and fall in an icy parking lot because the owner was negligent in his responsibility to shovel or salt, then you should take a picture of the conditions you are reporting. This can be done by obtaining surveillance footage, taking pictures, and obtaining the contact information of any witnesses. In doing so, you fulfill the burden of proof that the property owner failed to act on his responsibility to keep the public safe while on his premises.

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One of the most frightening things about a parking lot accident is its surprising nature. These sort of accidents often happen when the person affected least expects it. Because we all frequent parking lots on such a daily basis, we usually do not expect a substantial injury or tragedy to occur. Therefore, when it does happen, you should be ready to protect yourself and your rights. This is why you should hire an experienced lawyer you can trust, as we understand the significance of your unique situation.

The legal team at Markey & Orsi has proudly represented clients who have been injured throughout the state of Maryland due to the negligence of another party for nearly 30 years. If you require strong legal representation, contact Markey & Orsi today to schedule a consultation.

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