If I’m Injured in a Bar or Winery, Can I Pursue Compensation?

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It’s no secret that most Americans look forward to the weekend. Not only can you spend these days away from work relaxing, but it’s also the time to go out and let loose with friends. Marylanders are no different, with many enjoying bars or other establishments that serve alcohol. However, it’s not uncommon for injuries to occur at these locations, and many are left wondering how to proceed. The following blog explores what injuries can occur at a bar or winery and when you can pursue legal action with the assistance of experienced personal injury attorneys in Baltimore County.

How Do Injuries in a Bar or Winery Occur?

Due to the nature of bars and wineries, it’s not uncommon for injuries to occur. In many instances, these locations are dark, loud, and crowded, which increases the risk of an accident. Some injuries are simply the result of accidents. For example, if someone trips over their own feet and knocks down another person, there is no negligence. However, other injuries are the direct result of staff and owners to protect patrons.

In many instances, premises hazards are the cause of injury for guests. Because bars are a location where drinks are served, spills are bound to happen. However, when staff members leave these puddles on the ground without attempting to remedy the situation or prevent an accident, slips and falls can occur due to their inaction.

Additionally, if there are issues with the building, such as broken fixtures or unsafe stairwells, injuries can occur.

Who Can Face Liability for Damages?

In most instances, the bar’s owner can face liability for injuries that occur on their property caused by their negligence. Additionally, if an injury is the result of staff failing to do their job, the owner will also face liability as they are ultimately responsible for their employees.

Do I Need an Attorney for This Process?

When injured at a bar or winery, it is vital to enlist the help of an experienced attorney. The owner of the bar will likely try to claim that your intoxication was the cause of the accident to avoid financial liability. This is because Maryland is a contributory negligence state, so if the defendant can prove that you were negligent in any way, you will be barred from collecting compensation. As such, enlisting the help of a lawyer to fight for your rights is vital.

Your attorney will collect evidence, such as security footage and witness testimony, to help prove the negligence on behalf of the bar owner.

When injured, the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi can help. Our team understands how devastating it can be for a fun night out with friends to turn into a life-long battle with pain. We are determined to do everything possible to assist you during these challenging times.

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