How Can I Keep My Children Safe on Halloween?

children in costumes trick or treating

Your children are likely excited for Halloween, as it’s a day where they can dress up and enjoy yummy treats. However, this night is often a source of anxiety for parents, as injuries can happen. If you are worried about taking your kids trick-or-treating, the following blog explores what you can do to help reduce the risk and how personal injury attorneys in Baltimore County can assist you in the event your child is injured on this night.

What Are the Risks Associated With Trick-or-Treating?

Unfortunately, one of the main risks that is a cause for concern for parents revolves around drivers. Despite the fact that Halloween is a popular holiday for children to be outside at night, some drivers do not take the necessary steps to stay alert and reduce their speed to help keep children who may be unfamiliar with pedestrian etiquette safe. It’s also a popular holiday for many to partake in drinking. As such, there is an increased risk of injuries caused by drunk drivers.

Another considerable risk on this holiday is slips, trips, and falls. Many property owners take this holiday seriously, transforming their homes into haunted houses. While these decorations can help create a frightening atmosphere, the real scare can come when your child is hurt on their premises. Whether this is an uncleared walkway or decorations that stick out, this can lead to injuries.

How Can I Help My Children Have a Safe Halloween?

It’s necessary to take steps to help reduce the risk of injury before your children embark on their hunt for candy. One of the most critical things you can do is teach your children about pedestrian safety. This includes ensuring children know to only cross the street at designated crosswalks, to remain on the sidewalks at all times, and to wait at the corner until a vehicle stops so the children may cross.

Though you may not be able to ensure that there are no hazards on every property your child visits, you can take additional steps to help improve your child’s visibility and mobility. This includes avoiding full face masks, as this can make it challenging for little ones to see hazards. Similarly, you’ll want to ensure your child’s costume fits properly and isn’t too big, as they can trip over the excess material.

If My Child Is Hurt While Trick-or-Treating, What Can I Do?

In the unfortunate event your child becomes injured while enjoying Halloween night, it’s imperative to ensure you seek medical treatment as soon as possible. If necessary, call emergency services to request immediate medical attention. If their injuries do not warrant a hospital trip, you should still take them to see a doctor as soon as possible so they can receive treatment.

Most importantly, you’ll want to contact the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi as soon as possible. Unfortunately, the injuries sustained by your child may cause severe financial strain. As such, the negligent party should face responsibility for their actions. Our dedicated legal team is ready to do everything possible to assist you through these challenging times. Contact our firm today to learn how we can help you.

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