What Are My Rights if I Slip and Fall on a Wet Floor in Maryland?

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When you slip and fall in public, you may feel embarrassed. Though the only thing hurt is your ego, others are not as lucky. Unfortunately, a slip and fall on a wet floor can cause a considerable number of injuries, leading the victim to sustain pain and expensive medical bills. If this reflects your circumstances, you’ll want to connect with Baltimore County slip and fall attorneys to discuss your circumstances. The following blog explores what injuries one can sustain from these accidents and what your rights are when injured because of another’s negligence.

What Injuries Can One Sustain from a Slip-and-Fall?

When you’re walking through a store, building lobby, or any other location, you may lose your footing on an unmarked wet spot on the ground. As a result, you can fall. Though some may only sustain minor bruising and embarrassment, others can endure severe injuries as a result of the fall. These include, but are not limited to, the following:

  • Broken bones
  • Traumatic brain injuries
  • Neck and spinal cord damage
  • Back injuries
  • Lacerations
  • Sprains and strains
  • Contusions

It’s important to understand that some individuals can experience catastrophic head injuries, as they may hit their head twice during the fall – once on the way down, like on a counter or handrail, and again when their head contacts the floor. Unfortunately, these injuries often have life-changing impacts.

What Should I Do if I Slip and Fall on a Wet Floor?

When you slip and fall, understanding what steps you must take to ensure you receive the compensation you’re entitled to is critical. Generally, you’ll first want to alert building or store management to the problem. However, depending on the severity of your injuries, this may not be possible at first. As such, you’ll want to begin by contacting emergency services to request medical treatment for the injuries you sustained. Even if you feel okay at first, some injuries may not present immediately, so it’s essential to establish medical care immediately after the accident.

You should also take photos and videos of the accident scene if you are physically able. This can help establish that there was a wet spot on the floor and the building employees took no measures to remedy or warn others about the risk.

Generally, the building owner will be held liable for the damages you’ve endured because of the negligence. However, it’s necessary to understand that management must be given enough time to respond to and remedy the issues. For example, if a pipe begins leaking and within a minute you slip and fall, it is not enough time for employees to be alerted to or come across the issue.

If you were injured because of the negligence of another party, it’s in your best interest to connect with an experienced attorney from the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi. Our dedicated team understands the devastating impacts these injuries can have, which is why we will fight for the best possible outcome for your circumstances. Contact us today to learn how we can assist you through these challenging times.

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