How Does Road Rage Lead to Car Accidents in Maryland?

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Everyone has become frustrated while driving, whether you are stuck behind a slow driver or get cut off in traffic. However, while most people can forget these annoying instances within seconds, others can experience unbridled rage as a result. Unfortunately, this road rage can heavily contribute to accidents. If you are a victim, understanding what to do with the help of a Baltimore County auto accident attorney is critical. The following blog explores these collisions in further detail and what you should do if you have been hit by a driver experiencing road rage.

What Is Road Rage?

While many who drive are used to getting annoyed by other drivers, some people become incredibly aggressive and violent because of the actions of others. For example, you may find that if a driver believes you are going too slow or thinks you cut them off in traffic, they can become completely overwhelmed with anger. As a result, they may honk, yell at, tailgate, or make obscene gestures toward you.

How Can This Cause an Accident?

When a driver is experiencing road rage, they are prone to engage in more risky and unsafe behavior. Not only can they make erratic and dangerous decisions, but because they are focused on yelling and ensuring their frustration is known, they can become distracted, thus causing a collision.

You may discover that drivers are more likely to tailgate other cars, which means they follow the driver in front of them at an unsafe distance. This increases the likelihood of a rear-end collision.

Additionally, if a driver becomes irate, they may make unsafe decisions. This includes using the shoulder of a highway to pass the vehicle in front of them or crossing a double yellow line to get in front of another vehicle. As such, the aggressive driver can collide with other cars because of their unsafe decisions. Similarly, if they are driving too quickly and make erratic moves, they can lose control of their vehicle, subsequently colliding with other drivers.

In some instances, drivers become so overwhelmed with anger that they intentionally collide with other drivers or run them off the road.

If I’m a Victim of Road Rage, What Should I Do?

When you are the victim of a road rage incident, understanding how to proceed through these matters is critical. Generally, following an accident, you and the other driver will exchange insurance information while waiting for the police to arrive. However, when the other driver is enraged, it likely is unsafe to talk to them. As such, you should remain in your vehicle and contact the police. Tell the operator about your circumstances, and follow their instructions.

When the police arrive, they will conduct a preliminary investigation into the accident, including talking to you and the other driver and getting statements from other witnesses.

If you endured injuries because of an aggressive driver, understanding your rights is critical. You should connect with an experienced car accident attorney from the Law Offices of Markey & Orsi. Our firm will work with you to fight for the best possible outcome. Reach out today to learn how we can assist you.

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